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A Christmas Meditation

Just thought I would take a minute and wish you all an amazing time of remembrance and understanding of what it means to have God with us both here on the planet and in our hearts and lives. We were at a Christmas performance this evening and heard a very nice rendition of “Mary, Did You […]

The Passing Game Speaks to Life

Though not a football offensive genius like Mike Martz, I have enjoyed watching and playing football enough to know that when one throws the football the outcome has three possible options, two of them not good: Interception – terrible; the “enemy” gets the ball and you go on the defensive, lose what you have gained […]

Four Questions Used Again

The Acres, USA conference was over and my friend with whom I attended asked the summary question: “So, after three days of hearing all this good stuff, do you know what you want to do?” Hmmm.  I wonder…… Well, actually I have some ideas but it has been really difficult to get it all together and get it going and head toward fulfilling my purpose for being on the planet. […]

Four Questions

I had the privilege of attending the Acres, USA Conference held in St Louis Dec 4-6, 2008 (week before last). Amazing time. This is a group of people, mostly farmers or farm related suppliers of farm-related products, whose commonality revolves around bringing health to the soil and consequently to our bodies and ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Some, probably most, emphasize the soil and farming; others […]

Medicine or LIFE

I found this article a few days ago and it was amazing how well Michael Lewis articulated my own thought processes about the system and practice of medicine, even though he was talking about his experience with the world of finance. To this day, the willingness of a Wall Street investment bank to pay me […]

Living in Two Worlds, Part III – the Answer?

Having posed the question how one lives in Body and Spirit at the same time when they seem so diametrically opposed, I have been struggling with how it can realistically be done, with effectiveness in either. Here is a suggestion. LISTEN. Listen? To what? Remember – this is all about Restoring the lifestyle modeled in the […]

Living in Two Worlds, Part II – Beyond Theories

We discussed in Part I living in Spirit vs. living in Body and that while the First Adam’s choice locked us into living in Body (Physical), the choice of the Second Adam reopened the possibility of living in Spirit. The question now arises – what does either look like? Living in Body is pretty familiar to all of us.  Get a job, trade time for […]