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Birthday Accolades

Yesterday, 11/29, was my birthday.  My 58th – not ashamed or embarrassed to say.  Planning to make it to at least 120 so I’m not quite halfway! Received several Birthday greetings from Friends on Facebook, one of whom asked if I had spoiled myself. Responded, “No, not yet learned to do that!” So why am I bothering to write a blog posting about […]

We Live in Two Worlds – or Not

When God first put Man on the planet He gave him an impossible task – by our way of thinking.  He was to dress and keep the garden.  Now the garden was bordered by 4 rivers and its square miles had to be very large.  If he was a “Superman” he could not possibly have […]

Choosing LIFE

We listened this morning to a talk given by Kris Vallotton, of Bethel Church in Redding, CA soon after our recent presidential election.  This man is a pastor/prophet and has some fascinating things to say by which I was profoundly encouraged and with which I was in hearty agreement because throughout it all he was […]

Time to Get Naked with Myself

Having suggested earlier that “Naked and Unashamed” is what God intended and still intends for us, I realized that it is time to do the soul-searching and get really Naked – and Unashamed – with myself.  Specifically, Who Am I?, What Am I Here For?, What Makes My Heart Come Alive? (as Eldredge challenges us to discover). This came home to me quite directly as I spoke with a friend last evening and got REALLY upset at her for not believing that she had anything to say or any experiental knowledge that other people might want. […]

Half Full or Half Empty?

Perspective is a wonderful, and a frightening, thing. We all have one. Every one in the world is different. This is pointed out in the old and common analogy of the glass with water in it up to the halfway line.  Some look at it and think it is half full (optimist) while others see […]

Naked and Unashamed

There is a growing awareness in “Christendom” these days about the difference between Heart and Head, Wild and Civilized, Desire and Duty. For me personally, it all started with John Eldredge and Wild at Heart. Finally, someone that could articulate my deep and long-held desire to get real with myself and God and get past all the form and ritual inherent in the religion we call Christianity! […]

MRSA in the News!

Our local Fox News Station did a feature on this evening’s news just a couple of hours ago about community-acquired MRSA.  They featured an 8-year old who almost died as a result.  Then they went on to talk to an Afro-American Doctor who has a clinic in the city.  This all was the result of […]

Why the Marketer Hates Marketing

This just-past election made things very clear to me.  Not only did it bring into focus the most crucial issue (see my group on Facebook about Life trumps Wealth), it clarified my personal conflicts about marketing. We have elected a person to lead us who has no known skills except to know how how to market, or at least to be aware of the power of marketing and to know […]

Big Picture helps Keep It Simple

I have been stirred up in the last few days. It all began with the political drama unfolding and realizing that no one is talking about the BIG issue – killing babies. Yeah, you heard me right. KILLING babies. As a doctor whose goal and passion is to help people get well and as a […]