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For Dog Lovers – and People

I’m in the middle of a book that is very touching. It’s about dogs, and loving dogs, and about feeling. It is wonderful to care about dogs.  It is even more wonderful to feel, especially in those deep places where we form our thoughts and ideas about ourselves and the world and people and things around us. It is also a book about dogs caring for us and what they […]

A Different Look at Father

We all grow up with some idea of who God is, or isn’t.   Mr. Young has learned how to look at Father through different eyes.  Helpful for all of us, has been especially helpful for me.  Would love to hear your comments.     Blessings, Dr Jon  P.S. And go here to watch an interview with the author.  This is a YouTube video. On the same […]

Make Money Online Project

After many attempts at various ways to generate extra cash (does that sound familiar to anyone??) I have decided to try a program that looks like it would work. But – this time there are a couple of differences from the previous astoundingly failures: 1) I have decided to stick to it and give it a real shot, not hop around and skip to something else before it has a chance to get going (aboaut time I grew up, right?) 2) To help me stay on course and to help you find out if one of these programs can actually work, I […]