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You Gotta Love Technology!

See the new look on the blog – Google Ads posted along the sidebar. No big deal, you say. Everyone has them. True, except everyone but me until a few minutes ago! Have you ever taken one of those surveys where part way through they are asking at what level of computer literacy you are? […]

Reforming Health Care

Watching Mike Huckabee giving a speech in Alabama this evening, I was struck by his comments about Health Care. First, he pointed out that our medical system is not “Health Care” but “Disease Care.” To that I would heartily agree! I would also agree that it needs to be changed! Even better was the point […]

MRSA Impacting Janitorial Services

Went by my friendly janitorial supplies distributor office yesterday and noted a trade journal lying on his waiting room desk. It is called Maintenance Supplies. What caught my eye was the cover article: Cleaning in the Time of MRSA Wow! As you know, I have commented several times on MRSA both on my own blog […]

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