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Restored and Christmas

I love Christmas! Brings back memories of growing up in the snow and woods of Maine. I have memories of times with my own family, watching my boys grow up, doing things for them, seeing them respond. I love the music, the spirit, the good cheer. Most of all I love that God in Christ […]

Profundity in Holly Springs

I finished Jan Karon’s new book, Home to Holly Springs, today. You are encouraged to do the same. Get into it. Savor it. This is the first of the Father Tim series, a sequel series to her earlier Mitford series. Father Tim is the lovable, gracious, at times bumbling (?), but always loving Reverend who […]


Do you ever hear something and wonder why it causes such a deep stirring way down inside? I was listening to a financial advisor/teacher the other day and had a major revelation. She was listing things that one needs to do to change one’s life in relation to money in order to begin to generate […]

Good Help

One of my “loves” is using the computer to attempt to generate some extra cash. Many of my posts on this blog in the past have been about this subject or related fields. It is actually becoming one of my “love-hate” relationships, my computer and I and this attempt to generate cash. Some days real […]

Good and True

Some time ago we wrote about some things that were “Too Good to be True” in which we talked about several specific things, but also about the fact that one has to believe in a general goodness of heart in at least some of us to think such things could exist. Most of us seem […]

Four Things

I was recently listening to a CD/recording of an interview between Jay Abraham and Stephen Covey (author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). When Mr. Abraham asked him what practical things an individual should do to move his business effectively forward, Mr. Covey replied with the following four Tasks: 1) Write a personal […]