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Being Thankful for People

Today is Thanksgiving Day! Awesome that we as a country stop to give thanks! Sure, we can get negative and complain that it is the beginning of the Christmas Holiday Retail Season and note that it get bypassed between Halloween and Christmas and wonder if we are really all thankful and…………you get my drift. But […]

I HATE – and Love – Systems!

We constantly hear today, especially in the marketing world, about putting everything into a system. Of course, the reason for doing this is to be able to duplicate and automate. It goes to the idea of doing something once and getting paid over and over again, the idea of efficiency. And of these I am […]

Call the Moving Van!

Life in the brick and mortar world has people moving about every 5 years. Likewise, in the world of virtual real estate moves also occur. That is happening to me. I am leaving the “rental” space of Blogger and am “buying” my own “house” to run and host my Blog. The change of address notice […]

New Adventures

My friend Chuck, who has been helping get the word out about the amazing tool for fighting infections, BioDefense, called me yesterday. “Jon,” he said, “you have to talk to my new friend who can help you immensely with getting the word out about BioDefense. He is a master of search engine optimization.” “OK,” I […]

The Secret to Winning the Battle Against MRSA!!

A couple of days ago my dear friend and colleague, Chuck, in California told me that his adult son almost overnight showed up with a case of MRSA. My Doctor brain immediately went into “help him” mode. I had to tell him about a solution that would protect his son from further damage, prevent him […]