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Who Are You – Really?

I am reading through a very insightful book, in fact have quoted from it previously on this blog, called Listening to Love by Jan Meyers. Had to share this paragraph with you, especially in light of my last post: Madeleine L’Engle says, “God understands that part of us which is more than we think we […]

Hard to Receive Correction?

Do you ever hear something and wonder why it causes such a deep stirring way down inside? I was listening to a financial advisor/teacher the other day and had a major revelation. She was listing things that one needs to do to change one’s life in relation to money in order to begin to generate […]

Making Money

I realized recently that the marketers I know, be they network (MLM) or internet or (the few) direct mail marketers, basically are doing one thing. They are doing the marketing game just to play with the technique of marketing and not really to make any money. There is a LOT to learn about marketing, don’t […]


What do we mean when we say “God loves us?” Please tell me if I am wrong, but do not most/many of us think that God loving us means that we can have some emotional buzz to feel good about ourselves, about life and even about others? We think it means we now get to […]