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LIFE is Really Easy?!

We have all heard that life is hard. We mostly think that this is true, that difficulty is our lot. I have decided that that is another lie that has been fostered upon us from day one. From what planet do I come that this would even enter my consciousness, let alone be foolish (or […]

Fourth of July and Freedom

The Fourth is winding down, although the fireworks are not! Did you take a moment today to ask yourself what freedom you are most thankful for? Hopefully you did think about freedom today! There is MUCH for which to be thankful! Political freedom, religious freedom, social freedom, economic freedom (in spite of “curve balls” thrown […]

What Makes It Tick (Lessons in Marketing AND Life)

I was speaking with a Massage Therapy friend/mentor recently. He dropped the bomb that he was going to sell his spa. My first thought was, “How can he do that? That would be giving up his Gift, his Calling.” And selfishly, I thought “That would take him away from me and he would not be […]