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TOO Good!

The common comment: If it is too good to be true, it must be got me thinking recently. Why do we as a culture take life so negatively? Is it negative to think this is a true statement? I began to make a list of things too good to be true – but ARE! Number […]


I was driving home last night from a business meeting and driving my son’s (see his Brilliant Sports Commentary Blog) truck. The radio was tuned to a national talk show. The host was making the point that every day he talked about all the things in this country that were a problem: The war in […]

Transforming Grace

At our home we do a “movie night” monthly. First or second Saturday night, usually, depending on schedules. We learned from John Eldredge that kings of culture receive messages from God; prophets are required to interpret them. The kings of our culture are movie producers and directors. So we watch a movie, then discuss the […]

Living Abundantly??

First, I can’t believe it has been nearly 6 weeks since the last post!! Time flies when you are having fun! Been learning lots of new stuff recently and growing in many ways. Hardly know where to start. Saw the movie “Facing the Giants” three times last weekend. Awesome. Go see it; buy it. Watch […]

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