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Are You Looking for Answers or Freedom?

It’s time for a quote – a long one. So bear with me, though I am positive you will enjoy this one. Well, maybe not “enjoy” until you realize the impact it will have, but certainly “appreciate” it. Be forewarned, though, it may upset your applecart to a point of no return. This comes from […]

5 Requirements to Accomplish any Goal

To DO anything in life (assume the goal is already in place) there are certain things that must be in place. This is true whether you are “doing” (or attempting to do): network (MLM) marketing internet marketing a trade a job a “regular” business of your own climbing mountains athletics marriage parenting ANYTHING at all […]

What is a USP?

Been doing some training in the area of Marketing lately. If you would like to do the same, drop me a line; couple of guys out there really worth your time, energy and dollars. Anyway, the idea of a “USP” always comes up. First thing. Right off the bat. Before anything else. USP stands for […]

Recovering One's Identity

In this day and age the term “Identity Theft” is all too common and avoidance of it takes up a lot of our time and attention. But many of our identities have been stolen long ago, many times before they really had a chance to become ours. Have been reading a new book the last […]

Great Fun!

You have got to love the Internet, Computers, and “all that jazz!” In the ongoing, never-ending search for streams of income, I recently downloaded a document that points one to the wonders of blogging, and generating some money from it. Now that is a marvelous combination. For blogging, as you well know, is perhaps the […]

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