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What I Find Helpful to Manage My Time

My “partner” and “marketing guru” John DiLemme ( makes a point on one of his CDs about the need for an entrepreneur to totally, appropriately manage his time. Make a schedule. Keep on schedule. Avoid distractions. The big question is HOW? There are several tools out there to help. Of course, the biggest tool is […]

Frustrated Marketer

Do you ever wonder what it takes to do something you know you should be able to do but somehow just never get there? That is the way I am with marketing. Running my own business, providing services and products for people that will help them advance. But I run right up against this whole […]

More No Brainers

Continuing our theme from last time, I thought of a couple more… No Brainer #5 KEEP LEARNING Takes two things to do this: One has to maintain a teachable mindset – maybe the hardest part. One needs a teacher. Now the teacher can be a person, or books, or other media, just something wiser, different […]

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