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We did something today

“Practicing what I am preaching” my family and I really stepped out and did something today. First, you have to have some history. We moved to Missouri about 8 years ago and for most of that time worked for a church. Salary included housing so when we left that to become massage therapists and follow […]


Have been listening, reading, educating myself for some time now in the world of business and the world of “home business” to be specific. First, you have to realize they are different animals. “Business” is what you see on Main Street, USA, at the mall, etc. The usual. They start with a business plan, raise […]

Definite Chief Aim

Every once in a while (hopefully often) do you have one of those “Ah-ha” kind of moments? When a revelation or epiphany occurs and things start to make sense? You all get them, I’m sure, and are excited and thankful when they happen, right? I had one of those moments yesterday. Everything I have been […]